A word on the worst French TV programs.


The worst reality TV show for me is “Un diner Presque parfait “. This TV show talks about five contestants who have the same passion : cooking. One at a time, they invite all the other candidates and cook for them, the other candidates give them marks. At the end of the week the one who as the best mark wins 1000 euros. It’s just boring !

Photo les-chtis

The worst French reality TV is “Les Chtis” on channel W9. The contestants are stupid.
These reality TV shows help me to spend time but frankly they are very silly. The purpose of the game is to find a job and earn a lot of money. They are barmen, models, dancers, waitresses and DJs.
The viewers laugh at them because they take themselves for super stars.

Photo les-anges-tv-realite

On channel NRJ12 there is « Les Anges ». This is the worst reality show ever. In this Reality TV Show, there are twenty contestants who want to succeed : they want to realise their dream job. They also try to help charities. Their goal is positive but all the contestants are not very smart or interesting.

Claudio, Marine, Léa, Caroline, Irwin and Aruzu, 3PPRO