In France, you have the freedom of speech, you can express yourself but you must respect the others’ beliefs. In Congo, you don’t have any freedom. If you denounce something, you can be killed. In France you can protest against the government. You can go down the street. In some countries, dictators impose their laws. So you are not free to express your ideas, otherwise you are killed. What is freedom ? The right to fight against injustices. In France, you have the right to vote. In France, we have the right to criticize the laws whereas in my country of origin, no ! Here, we have the chance to vote freely. We can complain against bad working conditions. France is a country of freedom because you have the choice of your decisions.
Martin Luther King said : « Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. » So don’t keep your freedom box closed ! Keep it open !

2 CAP Macon and Proe